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Harness The Power of Your Digital Chi.

Stop Searching Start Finding dChi is an easy to use AI app that gives you personalized recommendations to network for jobs, friends, or communities.

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Recommendations that empower you to network from the connections in your social media.

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Find Jobs, friends, or communities

Recommendation for jobs, friends, or communities, that fit your goals

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Recommendations for more meaningful friendships

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Recommendations to get involved in personal or social causes

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The Power of Your Digital Chi

dChi has received validation from gurus in the industry for the idea, validation at hackathons with our MVP demos, and has a growing community that get early access to the app & influence it’s development. To learn more about what we have done, and how we got here, check out Our Story.

"Ability to see what your digital footprint looks like"


University of Liverpool Hackathon


"Online networking opportunities to open up"


University of Liverpool Hackathon


"Ability to expand your social Capital"


University of Liverpool Hackathon


"Depending on your social media activity, dChi will make you aware of job opportunities that you might be interested in that you were unaware of."


University of Liverpool Hackathon


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Sign up for the beta release of dChi’s app. When it’s ready, we will send you an invite to download it to start to find jobs, find friends, or find communities.

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Things That Matter To Us

What is Social Capital
Social Capital does not sound very clear to most of us if we didn’t know what it meant. But it is very important to understand that if you are part of Generation Z, you definitely have a Social capital. First, what does it mean? (the term) It represents all the people...
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence companies
Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. Whether we like it or not, AI will play a vital role in the technological future. Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being and has reached the inflection point to...
How Does AI Work?
The dChi team has put together Youtube Documentary Videos on How does AI Work. This has been put together for those interested in AI. Bringing you all the AI content in 1 location. Therefore, after you visit dChi's Youtube Channel, you will find the playlist filled...
10 Benefits Of joining dChi’s beta community
In today’s world, it’s hard to find Personalized help, advice, or mentorship without the strings. Usually, they are family members who are most often biased. Similarly, Staff at school or work who are paid to give you advice. As a result,...
Top 5 Examples of Artificial intelligence in Your daily life
The Top 5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Your daily life. Do you know the AI’s that you are using in Your daily life?. Here are the 5 examples of Artificial Intelligence in Your daily life. In addition, 1 Bonus example especially for Gamers. 5. Facebook Feed...
10 Tips On How To Protect Your Privacy
On the internet, Privacy is rare commodity these days. The number of companies collecting, storing, and analyzing your personal information, like family data, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, income, or social security number is probably higher than you actually...
Why I Joined dChi – Dr. Jason

I’ve spent the last 14 years working with University Students; trying to help them understand how the business world works, and hopefully finding jobs they would enjoy doing. In class, we use theory, elaborate games, projects, and do our best to make the experience as...

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Why I Joined dChi – Gabriele

"I have been always fascinated by how little we know about our connections to each other, to our relatives, friends, people we know, and even people we don’t" The fact is that we know very little about people within our...

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